It Starts with Snow

I don't have a main post today because I am Guest Posting over on Tracy Lynn's site. She asked me to be one of her 12 Guests of Christmas, after last year went over so well. (Actually I had horrible problems getting her the story last year, but it turned out well.) I wrote this year's guest post with her audience in mind, which you should be, but even if you're not, you will enjoy both the post and her site. So go visit and see the heart-warming story I wrote!

(And leave lots of comments, so it looks like my readers give a crap. In other words, the opposite of what you do here.)

Around the Institute

In case you've been Missing Out, I'm still pumping out Advents. Day 5 was about Pearl Harbor Day, Day 6 was Christmas Jokes, and Day 7 was a tribute to that Christmas lights on the house (in tune to the music) guy. Or, if you don't want to click on each link, you can just visit the site and scroll.

And, make sure you check out today's Advent, about people who don't celebrate Christmas, and people who are trying to make others say "Happy Holidays" and the like instead.


On my Blog/Journal, I took a quiz on what kind of daemon I might have (for the new Golden Compass movie). I do not agree with what they came up with, but you can rate my daemon and take the quiz yourself, if you want.

Also, I made the playoffs in my Fantasy Football league. I give some of the facts of the past record-breaking season, and the upcoming challenge.


Monkey Barn
Two Quizzes: What Pie are you (from Dragon) and the horrible 'orrible What Crappy Christmas Gift are you? Made Hyperion actually swear. You will too.

Also, a great Garfield cartoon (the last line is my Holiday Motto), some truly crazy Christmas Barbies, a skeptical view of the upcoming Mitchell Report, and tons of other stuff. Enjoy.

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