Dateline: some point in the middle of the night (or possibly early in the morning) -

It has been two and a half (or is it three and a half) days since I returned from the Second Annual Movie Marathon Meekend. Still alive and well, well, at least alive, are my plans to write all about the weekend, including reviews of all five of the Best Picture Movies, including what I thought should have won, as well as several other movies from last year that were nominated for awards and should have been nominated for awards.

As soon as I no longer feel like I have been run over like a truck.

I pay a price for such trips, and my body is still mangled horribly. I'm more tired than an 18-wheeler. My calves are sorer than a Scottish dairy farm. In short: I'm a wreck.

In the meantime, I think Dragon is planning on doing her annual Oscar Fashion review. I haven't heard from her in a few days, but I'm almost positive she is still planning on doing it. You can check out her 2006 list and her 2007 list if you're interested.

For my part, all will soon come. You just have to give me a little more time to recover. Thanks for being so flexible, a very important trait.

Now, I'm going to crawl back in bed and pray that God will murder me in my sleep. Best wishes to you.

at some point still dark a.m.

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