Put to the Question

I haven't had a new website in a while, and I thought it would be fun. (Actually, I consider all the sites to be branches of the main institute, but they have separate names so they won't get mad at each other. You can imagine what prima donas websites are.)

As you know, I like asking questions. When I'm at dinner I always have Questions ready to go for friends and wait-staff. I think it's fun to answer the "Which would you rather?" genre, as well as many others. Therefore, I have created a site just for Questions!!!

Coming up with a name for the site was a frustrating proposition, as I tried several dozen options before I found one available. However, it's a great name, true to my Sadistic Nature. I call it:


Each week (or day, or however often I get ideas or people send me ideas), I will post a new question. Then (and this is the hard part for some of you chowder-heads), you answer it!

That's right. Unlike the rest of my sites that you perverted voyeurs like to look at in secret while wearing next-to-nothing, PUT TO THE QUESTION won't work unless people actually answer the questions.

But I think they will, because they will always be provocative and fun. (Like today's inaugural question: a real doozy.)

Also: to ensure that questions get answered, I put a conditional curse on the site, so that if you go look at a day's question, and don't answer, at least anonymously, you'll get pregnant, or if a guy, you will get someone pregnant. (And if you're trying to get pregnant: IT WON'T BE SOMEONE YOU WANT TO GET PREGNANT!)

But you won't let that happen, will you?

Okay, I'm so excited, so I'm going to quit talking. Get over there and see if you can take it when you're

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