What day is it?

So, we're having a porch sale this morning, and of course it's raining cats and dogs. It was even snowing for a few minutes. I kid you not: Columbus GA, March, and it's snowing.

But I wanted to tell you about yesterday.

My mom advertised in the paper about the sale, and had the place and all, but forgot the date! So, one day early, at 7:00 in the morning, and people are knocking on the door. You know me: I'm up all night, so I'm getting ready to go to bed, and I'm thinking "Who's at the door?"

I open the door and there's two spunky women looking at me. I see no car, which means they are either walking or parked far away. They look about as awake as people can possibly be. I don't trust people who are that awake that early.

Anyway, without any preamble one of the women says, "The paper didn't say what day it was."

I instantly knew what had happened, but without skipping a beat I shoot right back, "It's Friday, you idiot!"

Both women start howling with laughter, saying it was just what they needed a tough morning. They even offered to bring me back a sandwich later. Any customer bringing back a sandwich is my kind of people.

Edit: They came back this morning, about an hour before we opened, as we were trying to decide whether the weather would stall us. The moment I saw them I yelled, "Where's my sandwich?" They laughed again, and when they came back at 8, they actually brought me a sandwich! I'm going to make every customer do that from now on.

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