Like Calls to Like

Some quick housekeeping.

You should check out this week’s International Holidays. They included:

April 7 – International Flirt Day

April 8 – International Positive Attitude Day

April 9 – International Boycott Lettuce Wedge Salad Day

April 10 – International Incident Day

April 11 – International Beef Jerky Day (that’s today! So eat some today!)

April 12 – International Ninja Giving Day

April 13 – International Ego Stroking Day

These are your International Holidays. You’ve earned them. So celebrate them.

Also, last Friday Monkey Barn ran a post of Wedding Toasts, which is simply a Must-see, if you have not already.


In an effort to break out of my non writing funk, I asked my sister to Google a Random Word Generator, randomly create two or three words, and type those words along with “painting” into Google Images, pick a painting that came up, and send it to me. I would then write about whatever she sent, thus sparking my creative renaissance.

Several problems.

She did not tell me what words she used, so I cannot give a full accounting. Neither can I properly credit the painting above.

Much more problematic: I have no creativity in me at all. None. If I were caught in bed with a Mafia Don’s wife, I would simply shrug and say, “She wasn’t worth it.”

So, no zany madcap story for you this morning. The best I could do was a 17-word poem, with 8 of the words the exact same! I suck.

But the painting does not. Make sure you click on it to get a bigger size. You could spend hours looking at all the detail of that thing.

Like calls to Like



A shock to see

Not one pussy

Like calls to Like


Anonymous said...

"...there's no such thing as infinite."

Prove it.

Dragon said...

Well, at least it rhymes. :)