I was watching Night Court the other day, and thought to myself, "They should remake this show." It would play absolutely perfectly to our crude society today, right? Night Court had a lot of risque humor THEN. Imagine what they could come up with NOW?

I started getting excited about the idea, and thinking I should do a top ten list of shows that should be remade. Then, I started thinking, "Wait, maybe I already did!"

Sure enough. From three years ago, I found this list. Two of my wishes have already come true! (Yay me.) I added pictures this time around.


#10 KNIGHT RIDER - When you go back and look at it, Knight Rider doesn't hold up very well. However, with today's Artificial Intelligence, I think this has a possibility of being a pretty cool Sci-Fi kind of show, while still piling on plenty of action. Plus, plenty of Hasselhoff cameos!

#9 THE EQUALIZER - Call him the Perry Mason of hit men. The Equalizer would only help those in desperate straits, by "neutralizing" the enemy. And if you had it on FX, the possibilities are enticing. Truly an underrated show.

#8 ALF - For sheer perversity [guilty confession: I just read all the Alf Quotes, and laughed myself sick. ]

#7 KIDS INCORPORATED - They go to school and get to sing and dance? What's not to love?

#6 THE SMURFS - If he ever became a rapper, I think he could go by "Big Papa Smurf." [For a hilarious comparison between the Smurfs and Karl Marx, click here. It's under 7/4]

#5 YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION - Now more than ever, we need to see people get covered in slime. This show was ahead of its time.

#4 THE A-TEAM - Here's my cast: B.A.: Ving Rhames; Face: Ewan McGreggor; Murdock: Jim Carey; and the immortal Hanibal Smith: John Mahoney. "I love it when a show comes together!"

#3 THE COSBY SHOW - If only so the world could see that a Black Sitcom didn't have to be criminally stupid. Plus, Lisa Bonet was hot, and I miss all the sweaters.

#2 AIRWOLF - I would watch for the theme song alone


#1 G. I. JOE - My friends; the time has come once again, to kick COBRA'S ass.

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If I were making this list today, besides Night Court, I would probably remake Magnum P.I., maybe The Wonder Years (but set in '88 instead of '68), and without a doubt I would remake Moonlighting.

However, the two shows that I most egregiously left off the list were:

Misfits of Science (which would be AWSOME now), and could even have Courtney Cox in the old woman role

and Golden Girls. The original is STILL funny. You wanna tell me with everyone getting older they couldn't make this now? The only question is who would play who?

If you have any suggestions for the roles of Blance, Dorothy, Rose and Stella, leave 'em in the comments.



Dragon said...

A-Team should have been first. As for the golden girls, just wait 5 years and you can use the cast from the Desparate Housewives.

Anonymous said...

How long do we have to wait until someone does a Firefly remake? How about the live-action The Tick? And a few more seasons of Battlestar Gallactica, Deadwood, Rome, Angel, and Carnivale?

Just sayin'.