I is such a Fruit


#10 Watermelon - At their peak a nice watermelon can cool you like nothing on Evon's Green Earth. I love to chow into a big hunk at a picnic, and as a bonus; my mom taught me how to make a little resort out of my wedge (an integrated resort, I might add, where white and black seeds co-mingle). We sculpt rooms, swimming pools, golf courses; you name it.

#9 Oranges - One of the most versatile fruits there is, and if we were grading that way orange would have to vie for #1, if for the juice and the year-round availability. Oranges usually get graded down a tad because they are so common, but imagine that perfect Sunkist orange… flowing with juice and pulp and deliciousness.

#8 Strawberry - What a sexy fruit this is. The perfect strawberry is just alive, and more than a little suggestive.

#7 Pineapple - There is nothing not to love about pineapple. I even love that tough core. If pineapple was easier to eat I think they would replace actual apples as the #1 fruit for counter-tops

#6 Peacharines - I'm cheating here, to give myself an extra slot, but at absolute perfect state, how could you choose between a nectarine and a peach? Both are sublime. A peach is a bit sweeter and has that great fuzzy texture, but the nectarine's firmness….too close to call, so I call them as one.

#5 Cherries - I remember once when my brother Achmed and I ate every single cherry off a neighbor's tree; I was so sick I thought I would die …but it was worth it. A cherry at perfection is incredible; lush, firm, ripe, kind of like something else I just thought of.

#4 Mangos - If we were making an all-around list, mangos would have to be #1, as they are my go to fruit. I like them unripe. I like them ripe. I like them overripe. I eat them a hundred different ways, and much like pizza, I never met a mango I didn't like. (Although, I will say that Hawaiian and Mexican mangos absolutely pale in comparison to Kenya mangos, which is
where I fell in love.)

#3 Blueberries - When I used to have disposable income I would eat 2 pints a day when they were in season. Then I found out that blueberries have more anti-oxidants than anything on Earth, and you actually SHOULD eat them every day. I didn't even know I was supposed to be Anti-Oxidant (sounds xenophobic, if you ask me), but whatever.

#2 Raspberries - It is so hard to find raspberries in season, but when you do, enjoy. The perfect combination of fruit with just a tad of tartness, a raspberry in full bloom is a thing of beauty

and the number one fruit of all time is....

#1 Salmonberries - I put this above #1 because they are practically non-existent. I only had them perfect once in my life, but I've never forgotten it. The same basic makeup of a raspberry, except salmon in color. (Sometimes they are called Golden Raspberries, but I've tried those fruits, and they're not the same.) The time I had Salmonberries was when we lived in Oregon. We picked them right off the bush. They were longer than raspberries. They had the same sharp tartness, but also a nectar-like quality of sweetness that I have spent most of my life trying to find again. Simply unmatched.

[see the original list (with fuller explanation for what got left off) over at Rank Everything]


Anonymous said...

Blackberries are my #1. Many people don't like them because of the seeds. But when you get them about the size of your thumb they are sooo sweet and tender. Yummy.

Sea Hag said...

I would have thought mangoes would have ranked higher for you.