Which would you rather?

Some decisions in life are easy. Who to vote for. What god to believe in. Who to marry. Whether to have kids. To live or die.

Then there are the toughies, the ones that keep us up and night and fill our stomachs with icy lead. However, we here at the Hyperion Institute believe that what makes men strong (and women smokin' hot) is making those tough choices.

You're here now: there's no going back.

Which would you rather? Choose, but choose wisely:

Ginger or Mary Ann

Pepsi or Coke

Yankees or Red Sox

Brady Bunch or Partridge Family

Chicken or Beef

Sylvester or Tweety Bird

Kornheiser or Wilbon

Cake or Pie

Cartman or Stewie

Coffee or Tea

Michael Jackson or Prince

John Lennon or Paul McCartney

The Three Stooges or The Marx Bros.

Lord of the Rings or the first Star Wars trilogy

[My answers in the comments. And for the record: anyone who wusses out and picks "no one" will be molested with gummy worms]


Hyperion said...

1. Mary Ann
2. Coke
3. Yankees
4. Brady Bunch
5. Beef
6. Sylvester (by a mile)
7. Wilbon
8. Pie
9. Stewie
10. Tea
11. Michael Jackson
12. John Lennon
13. Marx Brothers
14. I shed actual tears thinking about this one, but with the greatest of mutual respect, Star Wars.

Ltrain said...

I'm afraid Stewie is incorrect. Failure to say Cartman will likely result in a Gobstopper exam.

Anonymous said...

MAry Ann
Brady Bunch
Michael Jackson
Paul McCartney
3 Stooges
Star Wars

Dragon said...

Mary Ann
Coca Cola
Red Sox
Brady Bunch
Tweety Bird
John Lennon
The Marx Bros.
Lord of the Rings

lost goddess said...

1. Ginger
2. Coke (made with real cocaine!!!)
3. Yankees
4. the cosby show
5. chicken
6. Sylvester (by a mile)
7. mary anne
8. black forest cheese cake
9. without cartman there would be no stewie
10. Tea
11. Michael Jackson with out michael, prince would be jester
12. John Lennon
13. stooges
14. And always now and forever, Star Wars.

Hyperion said...

Landon - You want to put a hurtin' o me, yet YOU didn't answer the questions. May you lose your favorite brother in a bizarre Swedish Bikini Team accident.

Koz - Fairly decdnt answers, except Braves wasn't one of the choices. You have to choose from the dichotomy of what's provided. Of those two teams, which do you prefer? (Three lashes with a wet noodle for failure to comply.)

Dragon - Tweety! TWEETY? Muthaf***in' TWEETY???? May you lose lots of money to hookers.

Lost Goddess - You make a good point; without Cartman there would be no Stewie. However, without Bart there would be none of them!

Bohemian in Korea said...

I was disappointed not to see Betty or Veronica! If you do Ginger or Maryann you have to do Betty or Veronica. Kinda a sweetgirl next door whips and chains thing.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

1. Ginger
2. Pepsi
3. Red Sox
4. Brady Bunch
5. Chicken
6. Sylvester
7. Who are these guys?
8. Cake
9. Stewie!
10. John Lennon
11. Three Stooges
12. LOTR, by far, no contest