Portuguese Women


#7 Some of the greatest cooks on Earth

#6 They can be very loud

#5 Dark Wavy hair

#4 Exotic Skin

#3 Did we say….passionate?

#2 Fiery Tempers. (Seriously: you all know how long I’ve been looking for a woman who might get angry enough to stab me. You know the saying, “a homicidal woman is hard to find.” Thank God for Portuguese Chicks.)

and the number one thing about Portuguese Women

#1 Curves, Curves and more Curves (three words: Boo Ty Licious)

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Portuguese Woman in the Rain

I have another picture of a Portuguese woman in the rain, but I didn't have the guts to post it on the home page. (Haters.) If you really want to see what Portuguese women are like check this out. (Okay for work, but your suddenly flushed cheeks may get you in trouble.)


Anonymous said...

Bom, podemos ser um dos países mais pequenos e atrasados da europa ocidental, mas pelo menos temos o que interessa mais :). Faz a ti próprio um favor e procura Rita Pereira e Soraya Chaves. Tugas 4evah!!!

Anonymous said...

Fiery Tempers... Yes, we are

Anonymous said...

I remember just before we got married my wife & I had a huge fight. She opened up the window & threw my clothes out the window from the 2nd floor into our driveway. I got so mad & also aroused I came upstairs & told her she was as mad as a Black Woman. Needless to say we had great passionate make up sex.