I found out that had the season premiere of Chuck available online. Because of the Writers' Strike and everything else I kind of got out of Chuck last spring, and haven't been able to catch up. I was really high on Chuck at first, but you know how it is: if you haven't seen something in awhile, you tend to not get all that enthused. (Especially a show like Chuck, which is so much more light-hearted than an obsession-making drama like LOST or Heroes.)

So, I thought I'd check out the first episode to see if A) I could follow what was going on and B) was it worth my time.

Uh, can you say Hell to the Yeah!

The premiere episode (on tonight at 8 pm in normal places; god only knows in the magenta states) is sublime. The show spends exactly zero time catching us up, which works perfectly. Even if you never saw and episode last year, you'll have no problem. Chuck is never about the plot, anyway. It's about the likable characters, and are they awesome or what? (Awesome is a big word on Chuck; you'll see.)

The idea behind Chuck is simple: he somehow got all of America's most vital secrets downloaded into his brain, and now the government needs him for top-secret spy stuff. Think Alias meets Scrubs (without the annoying inner monologues.)

I don't want to go over the AWESOME details of tonight's episode, because I really do want you to watch. I will say that when Chuck leaves an important assignment to his friend Morgan, you know hijinks will ensue, AND MORGAN DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! (Seriously: I thought I would choke I laughed so hard.)

Chuck isn't on the level of Greek or Shakespearean drama. It doesn't approach the paramount shows of our day. It's not trying to. Chuck is total fun and fluff, happy to exist on that level. It's basically comedy and farce put together. The genius is how they do it so well.

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