TV Warrior

Hyperion has a new website:

The goal is to talk about Great TV, shows YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING. And, if need be, plotting bad shows' deaths.

My goal is to get everything I have written on TV on that one site, but that's several hundred items, so it will take me few days. (I have about 50 old posts transferred over now.)

I also have four new posts to kick off the first official day. They are all about shows last night, with s few Rants maybe thrown in. If all goes well, I may open the site up for other contributors who have something to say. I hope you check it out.

Hyperion watches the 20th Season Premiere of the Simpsons, and is more in love than ever. (Plus, an angry tirade!)

Hyperion catches the 7th Season Premiere of Family Guy, followed by some Black Guy Thinking Time

Hyperion slips the tongue to the 2nd Season Premiere of Californication, and he's not the only one!

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