"Did you ever bring home a souvenir from a dream?"

-Henry, on My Own Worst Enemy

Recent TV Warriors.....

House M.D. - What happens when a House's Foundation is ripped out?

The Clone Wars - "Shadow of Malevolence" (Hyperion is becoming a bigger fan)

Christian Slater Talks to Himself - My Own Worst Enemy (Series Premiere)

Hyperion Can't Stop A'Lovin' Chuck

Thoughts on J.J. Abram's Fringe (the show, not his hairline)

Other Events......

October 16 - International Jem and the Holograms Festival (Truly Outrageous!)

Hyperion and his family Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (for some reason)

Wanna watch Things explode in a Microwave?

P.O.D. - Jaunty Chapeau

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