Deep in Thought

"If I had a mine shaft, I don't think I would abandon it. There's got to be a better way."

-Jack Handey

Celebration Time (c'mon!)

October 22 - International Caught You While Deep in Thought Day (two short videos form Xerxes that will make you think....)

Catching up on TV Warrior

Last night on House we saw Lives saved by Girl-on-Girl and the best Fringe yet! (Need I say more? Yes, I did, so go read.)

Hyperion declares Monday Nights on NBC the best three hour block you can find on one channel. (Looking at Chuck, Heroes and My Own Worst Enemy.)

Hyperion gets Animated about Sundays (a look at the latest Simpsons and Family Guy, plus Game 7 of the AlCS)

Friday Night Lineup (Review of latest Star Wars cartoon and the new NBC drama Crusoe)

From My Blog

Lady Jane Scarlett Teaches Hyperion a new word! (It's not naughty...or is it?)

From one year ago today.....Hyperion wants to write a Romeo an Juliet musical: featuring giant cats!

On Monkey Barn:

Hyperion is Looking for a Scary book to read.

In Politics, a Palin Joke, and an Obama Joke (just to play fair)

A dedicated Man eats a 15 pound hamburger (Again: need I say more?)

TV Warrior is kicking my ass

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