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Sunday, October 20 - The Feast of Maximum Occupancy

Hyperion has a Strong Negative Reaction to Thursday Night TV, including CSI, Eleventh Hour, Life on Mars, Kath & Kim and the ALCS.

Hyperion catches the new Star Wars on Friday night and decides Padme might be better than Leia yet. (Plus: reaction to NBC's new Crusoe)

Flipping around early on Saturday Morning, Hyperion Retrospots Joey Tribiani, and no, I don't mean Matt LeBlanc!

And so Hyperion's various web-friends pull their own load, a few links from various of Hyperion's Evil Kitties of the Realm:

Tracy Lynn declares it time to Go to the Mattresses.

Schrodinger's Kitten can't decide if bleeding out of the ears is a good thing.

Sparky Duck's Wife (Mrs. Duck) wonders who's left holding the ladder women are supposed to climb.

Dragon's Kitchen whips up a slug of Sinful Chocolate Eclairs, because what's a few thousand calories between friends?

Lady Jane Scarlett passionately defends the Goodness of Government. (Hey: just because I could not disagree more does not mean I (and you) should not be exposed to other points of view.)

Also from Lady Jane Scarlett: video of John McCain and Barack Obama at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner. Both videos are kinda long (10 minutes), but they are absolutely hilarious. If you have grown tired of the ridiculous boring reductionist horrible campaign, you need to see these videos. Why oh why oh why couldn't we have gotten this from the candidates instead of the worthless debates?


God as my witness, I will never forget to do a tagline again!

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