I did not realize this, but for some reason last year October 8 and 9 never got holidays. This means that Hyperion has to create them ALL NEW!

October 8 is International WaterFalls Day. Enjoy the splendor.

(What will Hyperion do for tomorrow? Help him out! It has to have a "Fall" theme.)

I'm behind on my TV Warrior updates, partly through illness, partly through Family Birthday. I will catch up by tomorrow. So far readers have asked me to check out Sanctuary, 90210 and Sarah Connor Chronicles. Do you have a show you want TV Warrior to comment on? Let us know! Also, consider becoming a follower. You'll find a sign-up on the left hand side over at TV Warrior.

Hyperion watches the new Simpsons, and declares "Lost Verizon" to be another amazing Triumph!

Hyperion watches the new Family Guy, and thinks The Bird is the Word!

Hyperion sees the new Heroes, and asks, What's up with Sylar in an Apron?

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