Daily Lynx - Election Special

My Friends, do you need some totally awesome lynx to distract you from the never-ending political coverage today? Do you need the Lynx to "clean up" politics (and thus justify my racy picture above?) Do we dare?

Yes we can!

(There: that got both candidates a plug, without showing favoritism.)

These Lynx will blow you away with the awesome, so be careful.

1. From the World of Eastern Cinema, we have 50 Stunning Asian Movie Posters. Most of these far and away crush the American ones, and they convince me we need to demand more in a movie poster! I stole one, just to give you an idea:

Just judging the posters (and not the movies), my favorite one was for WHISPERING CORRIDORS 4, although you have to love the pterodactyl in LEGENDS OF DINOSAURS AND MONSTER BIRDS. What's your favorite?

2. Here is something kind of cool, or maybe completely creepy: the NOTABLE NAMES DATABASE. They are aiming to track every notable person in the world. Now, before you shout "Big Brother!" you should there: there is far less here than on a Wikipedia page. Mostly just the Who's Who outline. But here's the cool part: the site has a "Mapper" that lets you track how famous people are connected, sort of a Kevin Bacon thing. I went from Barbara Walters to Joseph McCarthy in two steps!

3. In honor of the spectacular Simpsons Halloween special Sunday (which you can watch now at imdb.com), I present What Charlie Brown characters would look like as Anime. I will snag one to give you a peek:

Good grief, huh!

4. Here is one for your wordnerds: The Un-Dictionary. You can submit words that SHOULD BE words. This is something Hyperion has been way ahead of for years. Maybe I will submit all mine. Either that or start my own Hyperictionary. (By the way: my link takes you directly to "Sapiosexuality;" definitely a passion of mine.)

5. For my Sexy Feminist Bitches, I found a slide show of How Successful Women Dressed Through the Decades. It's pretty amazing. I snagged the 1920s to get you started:

How cool was that? My favorite is the '50s, if only because the bras are so fantastic. What's yours?

[By the way: Hyperion is an ACTUAL FEMINIST, not a FRAUD FEMINIST, which means he believes most women are way tougher than they've been portrayed by the EVIL FRAUDULENT SELF-APPOINTED SELF-RIGHTEOUS leaders of the Women's Movement, which means he knows actual it's actually a sign of respect to jokingly call women bitches the same way he might call his male friends bastards, and he knows the word itself does not set back the cause of women in the slightest, but the overreaction and PC culture some would create surely does. And now I'll get off the soapbox.]

6. Just in case you need a little bit of politics, check out this great side-by-side look at the Electoral Map all the way back to George Washington. I spent an hour pouring over this thing, and I knew most of it! Great stuff.

7. I give you this link, of Hispanics Breaking for McCain, only because a friend of mine did it. He was just trying to get a rise out of people on Digg, but it serves as a great lesson to us all: what we read on the net, what we hear "reported" on the news isn't necessarily true. Beware stats my friends. Beware.

8. Finally, if you're tired of politicians who just don't deserve your trust, I urge you to fall in love with Hazel McCallion, the non-partisan mayor of Mississauga, Ontario.

Read her Wikipedia page: Hazel is an amazing woman. In 2005 Hazel came in second in the World Mayor Award to Dora Bakoyannis of Athens, Greece. I'm sure Dora is the Cat's Pajamas and all that, but I smell a French judge somewhere screwing over the Canucks again. In a time when partisanship makes everyone into enemies, Hazel has been a popular mayor for 30 years, and usually runs unopposed. She gets stuff for her city that the gigantic Toronto can only dream of, because she rocks. Nice to have someone to believe in, even if they are igloo dwellers.

[borrowed from Monkey Barn, and check them out for tons of great videos, pics, jokes and arguments.]

If my mom picks today to visit my site
and sees that picture
I will never hear the end of it.

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