International Thankful for "A" Day

[The Plan for November International Day got truncated because of Injury. The idea was to go through the entire alphabet, but as "A" was the only letter completed, I thought, "Why waste it?" - Hyperion]

I was thinking about what kind of International Holiday should be celebrated in November. I like the idea of giving Thanks, more than just on Thanksgiving. Today I want to to be thankful for things that begin with the letter "A." Below are some of mine. In the comments, tell me some of yours.

My brother Achmed - You cannot choose your family, but sometimes you would if you could

Amy Adams - Never disappoints me, will hopefully give great performances for decades to come

Amy Acker - One of the best actresses alive, if Hollywood could only figure it out

Ansel Adams - Sometimes I just take an hour or two out of my day and just stare at his photographs

Almonds - the jack-of-all-trades workhorse in the nut community

Aristotle - We would not be here today without him

Albigensians - A whole different way of thinking; one wonders where we'd be if more people had tried it

Archimedes - For running naked through town, not the cursed Pi

Averroes - One of the first to grasp there was more than one way to describe a cat

Aragorn - Someone to believe in

Alvar Aalto - His buildings and designs will blow you away

American Gods - Will one day be taught in colleges as the forerunner of a new kind of philosophy

Animal Farm (Orwell, although John Deere too)- So simple, so true

Army of Darkness - [Give me some sugar, baby!]

The A-Team - The first show that was ever "Event Programming" for me

Alias - Because Jennifer Garner kept taking off her clothes

My Brother Achmed - Worth being Thankful for twice.

These are some of mine: I want to know yours. What "A" things are you thankful for? Let it out and be proud, and BE THANKFUL!

Originally posted on International Day

Pretty good, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your all too kind reference. Have a safe day!

Brad Hoffstetter
Communications Division
Assembly of good Christians