Holiday Update #2

A quick recap of what's been going on the last week:

See Holiday Update #1

See Holiday Update #1

Still to Come

Homeless for the Holidays
Steamy Xmas Fiction (a real stocking filler)
Christmas Movie Matters
Sexy Christmas Songs
"Merry Christmas" Wordplay
Holiday Inn and White Christmas
Christmas Anagrams

(posting every day through Christmas)


Next Monday I will be running a Christmas version of Movie Matters.
I will answer questions about your favorite Christmas movies
and TV Specials. Email me anything about your beloved
holiday classics. (hyperioninstitute at

I will answer all questions Monday.

Shilling for Myrrh

Many of you have asked how to send me presents,
which I have graciously acquiesced to, in the spirit
of helping you become better people.

Accordingly, I have an Amazon Wish List set up,
with all sorts of neat things for you to get me,
including chocolate twinkies and an actual crown.

I cannot be bought, but I can be rented.

My Wish List

December 19, 2008

Instead of 8 reindeer, I think Santa should have liger

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