Holiday Update

The Hyperion Institute has simply BURST into the Holiday Season, with more Christmas Spirit than you can shake a stick (at). Below is a quick recap of the the Awesome, in case you need to catch up.

Christmas Advent
Advent Day 1 - Celebrate
Advent Day 2 - Rollin' with the Punches
Advent Day 3 - Assault of the Santa
Advent Day 4 - That First Tingle
Advent Day 6 - Christmas Jokes
Advent Day 7 - Winter Wizards
Advent Day 5 - Pearl Harbor/Hawaiian Christmas
Advent Day 9 - Regaining the Christmas Spirit (Probably the Best One)
Advent Day 10 - Doing Our Duty (from the HypeyDad)
Today! - Advent Day 8 - Merry Everything

Christmas Columns (posted so far)
Today! - It Takes An (Ecumenical) Pillage
Evergreen Village
Cinema Claus
Hilarious Ho Ho Hos
TV Christmas
Christmas Yammering
20 Dames Named Carol
Santa Christ

Non-Holiday Columns (this month)
Prince Caspian (Book vs. Movie)
Simpsons Season 11

Other Treats
Fantasy Football - My playoff chances; the Actual Results

Monkey Barn
Gift Ideas for Guys; Gift Ideas for Ladies; INCREDIBLE DVD box set deals; DVD Box set #2; Star Wars Gifts

Plus, Monkey Barn has tons and tons and tons and tons of Christmas Videos and pictures, so just come on by and see!

I got spirit, yes I do
I got 'bout you?

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