Sexy Valentine's Poem

[The following should be read aloud. As sexy adventures will no doubt ensue, your time should be scheduled accordingly]


V is for the Venereal Disease you never brought my way.
A is for the Action-Fantasy where you pretend you're gay
L is for your Legs that go on for miles and miles
E is for your Easy laugh that always makes me smile.
[Pause for "Awwwwwwwws!"]
N is for Noxema, that keeps your skin so clear
T is for your Titties that I could watch all year
I is for the Me that wrote you this love letter
N is for the Nobody that ever could be better [pause]........than you
E is for the End--not of us--but of this poem
[Dramatic Pause]
S is for the Sex, so roll over and give me some!

If there ARE sexy adventures, I want details and/or pictures!

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