Dad's 60th Birthday

My dad turned 60 yesterday. Monday we had a surprise party, and yesterday we did lots of stuff too. I may get the time to write about all of that, but what I WANTED to write about was my dad himself. You turn 60, you should have something written about you, right?

However, for whatever reason (busy with family and friends, physical limitations, general incompetence) it didn't happen. At some point you just run out of words.....

Speaking of which, I have used words in the past, so I thought at the very least I would put up previous Dad-Birthday columns.

A Note of Thanks on this Anniversary - [from 2001: I didn't know what I was doing back then, but this is one of my favorite columns. Subject matter, I guess.]

Memory of a Day - [from 2005: This one also encompasses some NCAA March Madness memories, but that works because the tournament starts tomorrow. Speaking of which, I will be live blogging on Twitter and writing a running diary throughout the day.]

Indefinable - [from 2007: I kind of butchered this one, but luckily my subject is not obscured by my poor communication.]

I hope you get at least 60 more years!

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