Holidays for Second week of April

There are some wonderful holidays for you to celebrate this week:

April 6 - International Quelque Chose Day

April 7 - International Flirt Day

April 8 - International Positive Attitude Day

April 9 - International Boycott Lettuce Wedge Salad Day

April 10 - International Incident Day

April 11 - International Beef Jerky Day (This is one of Hyperion's very favorite days of the year. 20 points to anyone who leaves a comment on that day! 200 points for anyone who eats beef jerky on that day! 2,000 points for anyone who shares beef jerky with someone who's never had it before. 2,000,000,000,000.2 points for anyone who sends Hyperion Beef Jerky on that day!)

April 12 - International Ninja Giving Day

Enjoy the holidays, and make sure you tell a friend!

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