Smacking Celebrities while the Banjo Plays

This week's International Holidays

May 4 - International Make Out in an Elevator Day (Remember that many elevators have cameras...although maybe that's half the fun!)

May 5 - International Banjo Appreciation Day (I not only would break up with a girl who could not appreciate a good banjo song, I would then date all her friends, her sister, mother and--if there was time--her most hated rival at work.)

May 6 - International Honey Where's My "Blank" Day

May 7 - International Geosmin Day

May 8 - International Test Drive Day (I wonder if there's a chance the army would let me try an M1 Panther?)

May 9 - International Celebrity Smackdown Day (My entire foray into Twitter has been leading up to this day.)

May 10 - International Belay Day

Make sure you leave comments on the days, and just as a bonus, here is Star Wars on the Banjo for you to enjoy.

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