You must be "this" Crazy to Read

I have been asked if I "blog." Not too often, but on occasion.

My blog is called INSTITUTIONALIZED. (

The title is a play-on the Institute. (Yeah, that's it...)

Anyway, I'm not a blogger by disposition, and I won't claim it's any good, but there are a few recent posts you might want to check out:

Cursing a Friend's Enemy
No More Whining
Prisoners of Time (Warning: Poetry!)
Come Now, Darkest Angel (Warning: Poetry!)
Life Defined by Music
Review of new food at Pizza Hut & Domino's
Racist or Not? (You make the Call)
Greater Love Hath No Man than this....

I make my living writing columns, movie reviews, stories...even my Top Ten Lists. The blog is the weakest part of my entire organization. (See top right of this page for full Menu.)

But if you just can't get enough Hyperion....knock yourself out.

Don't even kid yourself:
I KNOW HyperionAfterDark is your fave

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