In Sorrow's Embrace



Unbidden tears, refusing to hide,
Slowly they crawl down over my face;
Stinging my eyes, my skin and my pride,
Welcoming me to Sorrow's Embrace.

Tilting my head and blinking back hard,
Willing it gone without any trace;
A call in the night, completely off guard,
Pulling me into Sorrow's Embrace.

The pain in her voice, a desperate sound,
Begging for reasons to stay in the race;
The sadness and hurt of letting her down,
Giving her up to Sorrow's Embrace.

I can't be a Savior again and again,
Throwing myself all over the place;
Some cuts run deep, refusing to mend,
We heal in the end, with Sorrow's Embrace.

My words do not soothe, her pain does not cease,
I stay at a distance, without any grace;
Alone in the night, now, searching for peace,
The comforting wrap of Sorrow's Embrace.

Pain in the darkness, sadness and strife,
The Storm of it can be too much to face;
Hope can be taken, Soul snuffed of life,
We shiver and wait, in Sorrow's Embrace.

this is actually a song, but I didn't know how to write up the music


Bogart said...

Nice--a bit dark--but nice.

What took you so long?!?

Bobbie said...

I truly like this. Real.

Ltrain said...

"Make friends with pain, and you will never be alone." Ken Clober