Gypsy Warriors in the Night

A few recent short poems:

Lonely Wish (guest poem by Amelia)

Gypsy Lit (story about a story, by Hyperion)



He prowls by the side of the Ar'kharani,
A silent sentinel, but forever watching,
Waiting, missing nothing,
Taking it all in.

Her mandate puts the safety of the
Ark of the Realm on her shoulders.
But he protects her, and therein lies the
Source of her quiet strength, her confidence,
Her utter determination to be every bit an
Implacable foe to enemies of the Realm as
He is to those who would do her harm.

She steps into the night a mirror of him:
Unafraid, relaxed, but always ready to spring,
And purring deep, deep, deep
In her throat.
Why are there no Gypsy Sitcoms?

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