Easter Columns

A NOTE ABOUT THE EASTER COLUMNS - The Easter Season naturally gives rise to many provocative questions that are fascinating to think about, questions that intelligent curious people of all faiths (or none) should find interesting. Over the years I have tried to tackle Easter from various angles, taking a "point of view" so as to best convey that aspect. Because of that, the columns will sometimes contradict each other. Even though I'm not sharing my personal beliefs, I have tried very hard show fidelity to whatever viewpoint each column used.

Golgotha (2009) - I tried to imagine what it would be like for Jesus that last week, from entering Jerusalem triumphantly (all the people waving those palms) through the crucifixion. "Golgotha" is written stream-of-conscious, a first-person inner monologue, trying to give a sense of what might have been in Jesus's mind. I didn't challenge the orthodox position, but paid particular homage to his humanity. Too often I think people treat Jesus like a super-hero and forget what it would have been like for a human being.

Thirty Pieces of Silver (2004) - The Life and Times of Judas Iscariot. Never as popular as others, but one of MY personal favorites ever.

Betrayal (2010) - 10 great quotes on Betrayal.

One Gave All (2003) - One of the three most popular columns I've ever written. Answering the question, "If you knew you could save the world by dying and you got to come back to life 48 hours later, what's the big deal?"

Sociopathic Christianity (2007) - Oh, I liked this one! Only thing I wish is that I'd pushed harder. Written specifically to Christians, I was trying to point out an inconsistency. Not for the faint of heart.

The Truth of the Matter (2003) - Not intuitively about Easter, unless you understand my motivations. I tried to convey how Fact and Truth are different, and what ultimately matters. Another one I'd like where I'd like to take a second shot, but it's not about me, it's about the Idea, so if I get some people thinking, then I cannot complain.

Can and Abel (2001) - My first attempt, terribly executed, to show how the Cain and Abel story was the same as the Adam & Even Garden of Eden story. Only offered here for humility's sake, as I sorely wish I could tackle this again.

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