Iron Man Anagrams

I'm hoping to go to the Midnight Premiere of IRON MAN 2 tonight (still working on corporate funding), but in the meantime, I thought you would enjoy a few silly Iron-Man-Anagrams to get you in the mood. (My arm is messed up, severely limiting typing, so special thanks to Koz for typing my my anagram ideas, and finding the pictures for me.)


Iron Man 

IN ROMAN - There's a Monica Bellucci joke here, I just know it.

ROAM INN - You know, that's a pretty good name for an Inn. Maybe I will start one. 


AIR MINION - What is an Air Minion? A Winged Monkey?  I like it!


INTRO WOMAN - Now THIS is a 101 College course I actually could have used!

WORM NATION - I hate Worms; even fried. 

WARM NOTION - mmmmm....I got your warm notion.....right here

OAR MINT NOW - Now, more than ever!

TIN MOON WAR - Admit it; Tin-Moon War actually sounds intriguing. If there was a movie called that, you'd watch!

Robert Downey Jr. 

ROWDY REBORN JET - I don't know what it means....but I like it!

TRENDY JOB ROWER - This sounds vaguely dirty

BORROW NERDY JET - Remember Jet magazine? Whatever happened to that?

BOND POT WRY JEER - This is harder than it looks!

BREW NERD JOY POT - I've been trying to come up with some sort of joke about Downey's drug and alcohol problems, but I got nothin'

DRY BONER JET ROW - There's not a sentence in the world that couldn't be made funnier by the inclusion of "dry boner."

Gwyneth Paltrow

WHY PRATTLE GOWN - I'm not sure what a Prattle Gown is for, but I have some ideas....

TWENTY HAG PROWL - The "20 Hag Prowl" sounds like some advanced move from the Karma Sutra, like "Easing the Badger" or "The 9 Horse Hitch"

WARTHOG NEWT PRY - Warthog-newts: cute or terrifying? I'm honestly torn. 

LAWN TYPE GROWTH - As this is a family site, I'm NOT going to make the obvious joke here, but suddenly a first child named "Apple" makes more sense

GNARL POTTY WHEW - A gnarl potty? That's just twisted. Get it? See, twisted means the same as....oh, never mind. 

HOLY TWERP TWANG - Sounds like something Robin would say to Batman. Try it next time in place of your usual swears. "Holy Twerp Twang, Batman, look out!" POWWW!!!

PHAT WET WRONGLY - Today's slang lesson: Wet Fat = ewwwwww. Phat Wet.....wrong, but oh so right. 

THONG WRAP WETLY - Resist temptation to make wet thong joke resist temptation to make wet thong joke resist temptation to make wet thong joke resist....

WHET PANTY GROWL - Oh, COME ON! Gwynny, you're killing me, Girl. You're just killing me!

Whetting my (ahem) appetite for IRON MAN 2.....

May 6, 2010

Note - As you can tell from the Iron Man and RDjr. pix, Koz is a bastard. However, I had to draw the line and replace his Paltrow pic. But since he did work hard for find them for me, here it is


Koz said...

You rock

jacquelin said...

Love this! Anagrams are fun, but you make them funny. :) (Don't you DARE roll your eyes!)