Monkey Warriors

Recent Monkey Barn Entries: 

Monday Comics - Longest Day Edition (recent comics with Hyperion's funny comments)

Really odd Pictures of the Day - O'Reilly Women; Sexy Gangster Shoes; Tasmanian Devil Twins!

F-My-Life - Longest Day Edition (people complain about their lives and Hyperion has mocking rejoinders)

Recent Reviews on TV Warrior: 
By the Power of Mustache! (The Good Guys, written by Hyperion)

Leverage - Season Premiere (written by Fan-Girl Confessor)

The Gates - Series Premiere (written by SingleWhieSockPuppet)

Scoundrels - Series Premiere (written by Skittles)

Hot in Cleveland - Pilot (written by Bitchy Teresa)

America's Got Talent for June 15 and 16 (written by Fan-Girl Confessor)

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