How Women are Like Pizza

[The idea came the other night when my brother was over to watch a movie. My dad was fixing two pizzas, a meat one and a cheese one with a special crust. My brother indicated he wanted the meat, and I chided him for not choosing both.  "Pizza is like a woman," I told him. "There's more than one kind you can enjoy."  We started coming up with other ways, which brings us here. Enjoy. -Hyperion]


#14  - Thin Crust can be good, Medium Crust can be good, and Deep Dish can be most filling....

#13 - But no matter what the crust, you want it to be hand-tossed.

#12 - Sometimes it tastes even better the next morning for breakfast.

#11  - Some guys may use utensils, but most guys are more than happy to just dive in and use their hands. If the pizza looks good they can barely keep their hands off of it.  

#10  You can NEVER have too much pizza!

#9  - Whether they admit it or not, most guys like a little meat on their pizza. (Many guys like a Lot of meat!)

#8 - On the other hand, while all toppings are appreciated, a “bare” pizza is good too. That was the Original Pizza, the way God intended.  

#7 - The Sauce is absolutely essential.  Nice and spicy, with just a touch of sweetness.  You don’t want a sour or bitter sauce, but you don’t mind deep complex flavors.  

#6 - Doesn’t matter if he had it yesterday, the day before that, and today at lunch. Ask any guy at any time if he wants pizza, and the answer is always “Yes!”

#5 - Sometimes the Pizza smells so good you can’t wait to get it home, and you simply must have a piece RIGHT NOW!.  

#4  And while you’ll go out to get your pizza, ain’t nothin’ better than having it show up at your door.

#3 - Cannot stress this enough - the thicker the crust - the more pizza for us to eat, and that’s a good thing.  

#2 - Guys aren’t picky. All different brands, different places - we may have our favorites, but it’s all still pizza!  Guys don’t care about prices, either. (One of my favorite pizzas is Totino’s; it may be cheap, but that’s just more you can have at your party!)

and the number one way Women are like Pizza is.....

#1 - Sure, it tastes better when it’s super hot, but hot or not, it’s still pizza, and there’s still nothing you’d rather have in your mouth.

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Your Mother said...


Hyperion said...

I don't mind people not having a good enough sense of humor to enjoy my list, but don't pretend to be my mother! That's just sad.

Robert Zeigler said...

Thanks for the tips! I need all the help that I can get and pizza metaphors seem to be accurate and easy to understand.:)

olivia_june said...

I like that child's face in the last picture. So deeply suspicious.

lost_goddess said...

I had pizza for lunch so what does it mean for a woman to enjoy pizza? lol :)