Day 1 - Dance with the Devil


The Best Movie "Devils" Ever

#10 Peter Stormare (CONSTANTINE) – A tiny part, but one played with chilling effectiveness. 

#9 Viggo Mortensen (PROPHECY) – I have to take Ajax’s word for this, which is why he only goes here.  If I saw the movie I might rank him higher. 

#8 Tim Curry (LEGEND) – The only good thing about this movie

#7 Max Von Sydow (NEEDFUL THINGS) – I was going to go with Randal Flagg from THE STAND, but Sydow just creeps me out. [This is actually Sydow from a different movie, but I thought it more appropriate]

#6 Walter Huston (THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER) – Okay, Scratch isn’t your typical devil, but I kind of like this more innocent take. 

#5 Devil-Flanders and Satan from SOUTH PARK – Of course leave it to animation to get it right. I especially love Satan in SOUTH PARK the movie. How often do you feel sorry for the guy? 

#4 Gabriel Byrne (END OF DAYS) – I love Love LOVE that scene in the restaurant. right after Byrne is possessed. (Here's an edited version in another language; redacted boobies make Rawry cry.  I wish they would go back and make the movie again, but just about Byrne. This is such an awesome performance.)

#3 Jack Nicholson (THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK) – Do you have time for a quote from Jack?
“Do you think God knew what He was doing when He created woman? Huh? No shit. I really wanna know. Or do you think it was another one of His minor mistakes like tidal waves, earthquakes, FLOODS? You think women are like that? S'matter? You don't think God makes mistakes? Of course He does. We ALL make mistakes. Of course, when WE make mistakes they call it evil. When GOD makes mistakes, they call it... nature. So whaddya think? Women... a mistake... or DID HE DO IT TO US ON PURPOSE?”

#2 Al Pacino (THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE) – Again, how much do I love the restaurant scene? I like how (at least for awhile), Pacino underplays his John Milton. Also that red-headed daughter? Why can’t she be naked in every movie? (This should be a law)

and the number one appearance of Lucifer in art.....

#1 Robert DeNiro (ANGEL HEART) – This movie scared the hell out of me, not the least of which was DeNiro’s Louie Cipher (Lisa Bonet scared me too). I would have loved to seen an entire movie on DeNiro here. Powerful stuff.

Honorable Mention: Bill Cosby (THE DEVIL AND MAX GOULD) and George Burns (O GOD, YOU DEVIL) – Neither movie or performance is what you’d call good, but they get points for playing against type (more on that later in the week)

Dishonorable Mention: Elizabeth Hurley (BEDAZZLED) – If the horned one was going to be a woman, obviously she’d be a blonde.

Big thanks to Ajax for helping me create this list.

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