Day 19 - Anagram Warr


#16  Hairy Dotty Forewarns - I'm not sure how many friends "Hairy Dotty" has, but when she speaks, you damn-well better listen!

#15  Shitty Donor Wayfarer - I'm pretty sure this guy has dated one (or more) of my Exes; what that says about me I don't know.

#14  Shanty Firewood Tarry - What this hotel needs is a shanty firewood tarry-cloth robe!

#11 (tie)  Warrantied Frothy Soy     Eastward Frothy Irony        Newsy Frothy Radiator - I couldn't decide between these three, but Frothy Irony would make a great drink name.

#10  Thy Frontier Roadways  - Who suddenly got a mad hunger to play the ol' Oregon Trail computer game?

9  Showy Retardation Fry - Speakin' of mad hunger, I'd think twice before chowing down on these dudes, ketchup or not.

#8  Often Worthy Disarray - If this was an inner-city home it would be often worthy disarray-ray.

#7  Hooray Tawny Drifters - I sure hope that's not the AFLAC Duck, or I ain't believin' in nothin' no more!

#6  Shadowy Fairy Torrent - A ballet fairy and a waterfall - is there anything more sinister?

#3 (tie)  Nifty Arrowhead  Story    Tiny Frosty Arrowhead       Forty Tiny Arrowheads - All three of these conjure short-story ideas. If only I wasn't so lazy I'd write them!

#2  Throaty Fairy Wonders - Would make the best gay band name ever.

and the number one Anagram of Thirty-One Days of Rawr! is .....

#1  Swarthy Fiery Tornado - This looks like a public service ad for acid reflux disease: "This is your intestine.....this is your intestine after Taco Bell.....any questions?"

(or Honey Rip, if you prefer)

Thanks to Jadriana for help with pictures

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