Day 24 - Halloween MixTapes

As you're waiting for Trick-or-Treaters or at a Halloween party or just grooving at home you need some tunes, and I am here to help.  I have compiled not one but two Halloween Mixtapes for you to enjoy.  The first is "Hard" and has some real thrashers on it - the list is set up to get harder and creepier as it goes (so you can quit any time you get too scared), while the second list is more family-friendly and easy listening, as well as some Halloween standards.  I hope you enjoy.

Halloween Mixtape (Hard)

#1  "Smooth Criminal" (Alien Ant Farm) - Great Cover of underrated song

#2  "Feel Good Inc" (Gorillaz) - This song isn't Hard like some of the others but something about it always creeps me out a bit

#3  "Freak on a Leash" (Korn) - Same for this one

#4  "Man In the Box" (Alice in Chains) - Creepy song, creepy video, great overal vibe

#5  "Enter Sandman" (Metallica) - Duh

#6  "Closer" (NIN) - Sort of the bridge of the "hard" mixtape, as everything from here on in gets increasingly thrashed.

#7  "Dragula" (Rob Zombie) - I keep waiting to hear this used in a car commercial

NOTE - Hyperion wants to stress he does not endorse any of the songs' lyrics, especially what's coming. In fact, some of them have downright horrible lyrics, and are included because there is no way you can understand them.

#8  "Mother" (Danzig) - Supposedly a response to Tipper Gore with the Explicit Music controversy in the '80s, I'm at least partially convinced Danzig is a demon.

#9  "Downfall" (Children of Bodom" - These dudes can play

#10  "Angel of Death" (Slayer) - the song is about  Josef Mengele, because for some reason these dudes thought he'd make for a good

#11  "Devil is Calling" (Gorgoroth) - I don't expect you to get through this song (or number Twelve) unless your party is "one of those," but I included it so you'd know I wasn't playing

#12 "Make Them Suffer" (Cannibal Corpse) - The band swears they see theirs songs as short horror stories. I guess that's a fair point, but I wouldn't hang out with them.

The last song isn't "hard" exactly but....well, you'll understand when you hear her voice.

#13  "Gloomy Sunday" (Diamanda Galas) - This was originally called the Hungarian Suicide song, and has a legend behind it akin to saying "Bloody Mary 5x in front of a dark mirror.  It gained popularity in America by....of all people, Billie Holiday!

Halloween Mixtape (Soft)

#1  "This is Halloween" (Nightmare Before Christmas) - A sweet way to start out spooky playlist

#2  "Nightmare on My Street" (Will Smith) - The Fresh Prince meets Freddy Krueger

#3  "Somebody's Watching Me" (Rockwell) - One of the creepier songs of the '80s

#4  "Angry Johnny" (Poe) - The song is so easy-listening you might not think it's scary - until you listen to the lyrics

#5  "The Time Warp" (Rocky Horror Picture Show) - I've never seen this movie. I guess i'm deprived

#6  "Ghostbusters" (Ray Parker) - Who Ya Gonna Call #6?

#7  "Monster Mash" (Bobby Picket) - If this guy were still around he'd make a killing doing commercials

#8  "I Put a Spell On You" (CCR) - Just a nice spooky vibe going on here.

#9  "I Only Have Eyes For You" (The Flamingos) - Maybe I'm the only one on the planet, but this song has always seemed ethereal and haunting to me

#10  "Thriller" (Michael Jackson) - Like there's any other way to end

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