Day 30 - The Anguished poetry of a teenage girl

All I Ever Am

All I ever am is tired
(But) sleep will hardly ever come
I do not have what is required
To give up Thought's unceasing drum

(And) even when the voices quiet
Pain remains my body's King
Inciting bones and flesh to riot
Making muscles bow and sing

I lie exhausted, always waiting
For the blank of Nothingness
Soon the screaming, now abating
And Sleep's gentle tenderness. 

Four questions to an aged tree

How hard do you have to swing before the voices go away?
How pure do you have to sing to make her turn around and stay?
How long do you have to lay down in the mud to get the ring?
How much do you have to pray before they'll tell you who is king?

Always Remember

Sometimes I miss you so much my body wracks with silent sobs, It's physical grief, tears unshed, wounds unbled, but felt deeply, a deep illness I cannot shake.

Always remember that you were loved, as you remember the Moon's whispered kisses on your skin in the Night. 

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