Get Your Motor Running

I have some sensual poetry and even MOAR sensual stories from my vault. (All written by meeeeeeee.)  Dudes, read these to your woman and half your job is done. (Ladies, force your guy to read to you. He'll be glad he did. Or, if you're alone this day, read a couple of the poems and then skip straight to the "adult" stories. You're welcome.)

Her Elegance is Back
What I wouldn't give
Forbidden Colors
The Ballad of Dusky Rose
Luna Rosa
Thoughts of her while drifting to sleep
Together in the Dark
I don't mind your Darkness

Sexytime Stories (for mature audiences)
More Than Halfway There
Half-Remembered Dream
In the Night
Colors of War
Strain of Passion

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jacquelin said...

All GREAT. And of course... I want MOAR. :)