(Guest story by Cat C)

May frantically tapped her pen on her notebook, cunningly plotting revenge against her jumped-up, cheating-son-of-a-bitch boyfriend Tony.  He wasn't always a son-of-a-bitch; Tony was once the best thing since sliced bread...until this morning, anyway!  

May found texts on his phone from someone called Rhonda. Rhonda?? Who is she?  May hadn't a clue.  All she knew was that she wanted to kick the crap out of this Rhonda!  In her texts Rhonda said that she couldn't wait to see Tony again and that she had such a nice time last night and that they must do it again some time....oh and that she couldn't believe someone as hot as Tony could possibly be single.......


May was beside herself and wanted to have it out with Tony there and then but instead she kept her cool, wanting to first get all her facts straight and work it all out in her own mind, then 'POW' - aim straight for the jugular and have both their guts for garters, make them both suffer how she was suffering now, make them both feel as shitty as she felt now!!
How dare they!! Her tears of sadness became tears of anger.  He will pay! And so will Rhonda, the bitch!

Tony was once her world, but at this moment in time May felt as though her world had come to an abrupt end.  However, the more May thought about the last two years of her life spent with Tony, her fond memories started turning bitter.  She had always put him first and her life revolved around him, but Tony's life didn't revolve around her. Tony's life revolved around Tony.  She never felt as though he appreciated her and she started to realise how self obsessed he was.

Sure when they were together, it was good, but where were they going? Was he ever going to commit?  He was un-sympathetic to her feelings and no matter how bad she felt, he wouldn't make time for her unless it suited him.  He never cancelled drinking time with his mates, but he had cancelled evenings with her to go out drinking with them.  He had never bought her flowers,  and she was not his priority in life.  It had taken something like this to make her realise all these things!  How could she have been so dumb?  May was good to have around when it suited Tony, she was his guaranteed 'thing'!  Well not any more!

May continued to rack her brains trying to work out who Rhonda was....did she know her?  May couldn't picture a face.  She began to imagine what Rhonda looked like.  
Hmmm....dark hair, olive skin, slim?  Slut!  She won't be so pretty when May got her hands on her!   

May thought she heard the front door and the image of Rhonda disappeared from her mind as she began to panic.  Oh my god, Tony’s home!  She went silent and could hear and feel her heart beating as though it was going to jump straight out of her chest.  Should she confront him now?  She had to!  How could she face being civilised towards this low life piece of scum who had just shattered her world?  

As her ears adjusted, she realised Tony wasn't alone.  She could hear laughing.  Who is he with?  Didn't sound like anyone she recognised.  May crept to the top of the stairs and crouched down to get a closer look.  She caught sight of long, red hair and then heard giggling again.  It was a woman!  It was RHONDA!!  Tony brought Rhonda back to our house for an afternoon shag!!  What the Fuck?  May was fuming now, her blood boiled and she wanted to run straight down and kill the pair of them right here, right now!!

She pulled herself together and calmly walked down the stairs, composing herself along the way and straightening her hair and shirt. She wiped away wetness from her eyes and nose with her sleeve. She took a deep breath.
Be brave May.  

Her heart still beating, she slowly opened the lounge door to see Tony and Rhonda kissing on the sofa.  May couldn't speak....she tried but nothing came out.  She just stood, staring with a blank expression on her face.

“M-M-May!!” Tony shouted when he threw Rhonda to one side as he jumped up, straightening himself.  “May, how long ...erm I mean....It's not what you think.” 

Tony rushed towards May with his arms stretched out but May was fixated on Rhonda, who just sat there with a shocked expression.  May didn't know why but she started laughing!  Laughing out loud, hysterically!

“Is that it?” May said.  “Is that Rhonda?”  

Rhonda stood up. “How do you know my name, and who the hell are you?” 

Rhonda's words were like a red flag to a bull.  May looked at Tony with hatred in her eyes.

“YOU!  You can fuck right off, get out of my life! I don't want to set eyes on your good-for-nothing arse ever again......and YOU....”  Her eyes were now on Rhonda. “You're dead meat, bitch!”

With the words barely out of her mouth May stormed towards the red head, grabbed her round the throat, pushed her down on the sofa and began to punch with all her might.  I’m not going to stop punching until this slut stops breathing!

“May...May......MAY!!!” Tony grabbed May's arm and May jumped up.  “May, I think you were having a nightmare, are you ok?”  

Tony looked at her with a concerned expression.  May stared up at him, still breathless, her heart beating fast.  May realised it had all been a dream.  

“Erm....yeah.....I'm fine.” she replied, feeling slightly embarrassed but at the same time still feeling angry towards Tony for being such a shit in her dream!

“Ok hun, so long as you're ok.” Tony kissed her on the forehead and turned the bedside lamp off again.  He snuggled against her and sighed.  May waited for a minute or so, still agitated, and then said,

“Tony, who's Rhonda?”

“Huh?  Rhonda?? I have no idea babe. Why?”

May breathed a sigh of relief to herself. “Nothing, just asking babe. It's ok.”  May lay her head on Tony's chest and hugged him tightly until they both fell back to sleep. 

Sweet dreams!!

Cat C is a British Hip-Hop Artist and Singer/Songwriter. You can check out her music (and her group Wild Pack) on their official website - You can also listen to her music and find out more about Cat by checking out (and Liking!) Cat C's Official Facebook page.

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jacquelin said...

great story, Cat! I hate it when the man dream-cheats on me! You rock.