Give me peace this night

[Day 19 of the 31 Days of Poetry]

Give me peace this night, 

that I might face the morning light 
with some small measure of courage. 
The days have been brutal, not likely to change, 
pinned down in a trench between Enemies and Expectations, 
not enough bullets to make a charge or withstand the next assault. 
But that's life, you're always in over your head. I can handle it, or at least I could.

If I could ever relax. 

I need time spent 
where I'm not dwelling on the turmoil 
of what happened that day, the pressure of what 
will happen the next. I need meals where I can enjoy the food, 
savor the taste and not have my chest turn to fire the rest of the night. 
Mostly, I need sleep. I need to turn off my brain from the unending onslaught 
of worry, fear, and scathing self-loathing. I need tension to pour out of my body, 
so I can give in to exhaustion and have a few precious hours without thought or care. 

Tomorrow will burst on the scene soon enough, 
filled with calamities and untold horrors. I don't know how 
I can stand against the tide, but I will do it anyway, just as I have 
always done, and will always continue to do, until I'm at last swept away. 
But I need strength. I need some small core of grace, a reserve to hang onto. 

So, please, give me peace this night. 

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