Seething Passion || Purest felt

[Day 30 of the 31 Days of Poetry]

[Author's pre-poem Note: Like songs, an essential part of poetry is to hear it, not just read it. Otherwise a huge component is missing. I would read them all to you if I could. At least read it to yourself quietly: I beg you.  The || is something I made up as a visual cue to tell the reader reciter that there is a measured pause in the middle of each line. If you read it without those pauses the whole meaning gets jammed and you'll make Hypey cry.]

Seething Passion  ||  Purest felt
Hearts can mend  ||  Souls may melt
Essence of  ||  Angelic grace
Vicious Violent  ||  Darkness laced
Desperate Need  ||  Ascending Lust
Reigning Ash  ||  return to dust
Fluttered nerves  ||  Reddened blush
Acid burn  ||  and somber hush
Passion's trails  ||  clinging smoke
Shivered fear  ||  Desire woke
Shouted bark  || or whispered plea
Longing floats  ||  in Ether Sea
Joy and suff'ring  ||  never tame
Bound as one  ||  in Passion's flame

[Painting: "Venus, supported by Iris, complaining to Mars" by George Hayter. c 1820]

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