Slip Loose The Shackles

Slip loose the shackles, 
Pry open the cage door; 
Cross the threshold of your prison - 
Free forevermore. 
You Like
         You Love
                  You Lust
                           You Loathe
You light the life you live. 
You live your life to light the night:
How much more can you give? 

Control the panic
That rises in your throat, 
Stitch together threads of courage - 
Wear them like a coat. 
You Fly
        You Flail
                  You Fling
                            You Flare
You fight the fear you feel.
You feel the fear you're fighting:
How much of life is real?

Ascend the ramparts, 
Climb over castle wall;
Unsheathe your sword from scabbard - 
The Enemy must fall. 
You Clash
          You Claw
                   You Cling
                             You Cry
You cut the cure you crave. 
You crave the cure of cutting:
How many can you save?

Set free the captives, 
Ignite the tar and pitch;
Burn the castle to the ground - 
Kill that sonofabitch!
You Sling
          You Slay
                   You Slip
                            You Sluff 
You sell your soul for spite.
You spite your soul's new dwelling, 
Will e'er again be right?

Allow the embers
To slowly become cold, 
Drifting thoughts of yesterday:
Back when you were Bold.
You Aim
        You Arch
                 You Ache
                          You Ail
You always ask around. 
Will any be affected
When you're in the ground?

Accept the future, 
That grips you like a vise;
Your life is just a wager - 
Tossed with loaded dice. 
You Dare
         You Dig
                 You Dash
                           You Drag
You damn the dreams that die.
You die for dreams' unspoken screams;
Will anyone ask why?

Slip loose the shackles, 
          Pry open the cage door; 
                    The archway opens only once - 
                              What are you waiting for?

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