22 Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Llama

XXXI Days of Poetry  (MMXII) - Day VII

22 Surprising Things You Can Do 
(with your Llama)

1) Take him to meet President Barack Obama

2) Make him a part of a living Diorama

3) Pretend he's Hannibal's elephant; re-enact battle of Zama

4) Take Kiwi seeds and roam the fallow fields of Alabama

5) Safari in South Africa (racing a Lecama)

6) Hang out with Shiva, hearing stories about Brahma

7) Host exchange student from Bahrain's capital Manama

8) Prepare refreshing salad of mixed greens and jicama

9) Vacation in the Andes, to climb up Mt. Sajama

10) Look o'er Big Horn Sheep, the bucolic panorama

11) Explore the world of Fungi, genus hygrotrama

12) Coordinate large mirrors for an epic cosmorama

13) Sight-seeing in Japan: port city Yokohama

14) While in Japan volcano-diving: Mt. Fujiyama

15) Examine scaled lizard, with protective shiny squama

16) Examine Foraminifera, with exquisite monothalama

17) Sit under Bohdi tree, discuss peace with Gautama

18) Help 8th grade Science Class create a cyclorama

19) Note to a co-worker to cut out all the Drama

20) Tell borderline offensive jokes on death of Osama

21) Have a slumber party; pillow fights in pajamas

22) Tell your girl (or any chick!) she's one hot sexy mama

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