Burn the World to the Ground

XXXI Days of Poetry  (MMXII) - Day XV

Burn the World to the Ground

Hey there, you, sittin' with the frown! Has the Big Bad Life got you all down? And you just can't go another round? Burn the whole world to the ground! Is your Ex still acting like a clown? Parading that ho-bag all around? (And the skank weighs less by 20....uh, 10 pounds?) Burn the whole world to the ground! Does your kid still wish that you would drown? But expects a ride all over town? And the Law says no smacks to her crown? Burn the whole world to the ground! Hey, I'm a man of famed renown With wisdom surely to astound So gather 'round and sit ya down While I do my bestest to expound: Hey, Life, she will make you her bitch Squeeze your balls to scratch her itch Leave you bleeding in a ditch No doubt she's one cunty witch Hey, Life can put you up a creek. Knock you out and make you weak Ain't no respite you can seek So bend on over and spread them cheeks Guess to what fate you are bound? Six feet under a nice dirt mound! (Likely never to be found) (Except as chew toy to a hound) But please don't mewl that awful sound Don't wanna see that sad-face frown Turn it 'round - upside-down! Not gonna let Life get you down! Put on your jewels and a nice silk gown Crank it up, and get all wound Hit the bottle, then hit the town Party like you wear a crown! Tell the boys you get around! Drink until you think you'll drown And the room is spinning 'round. Then when you wake and hate all sound And your head just really really pounds Don't despair and be all down! Just burn the motherfucking world to the motherfucking ground! 

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