The bright hues of Yesterday

XXXI Days of Poetry  (MMXII) - Day XII

The bright hues of Yesterday

Youth is passion set ablaze, 
crusading righteousness;
a moral absolute. 
Age is tempered fire, 
and sees a landscape 
shrouded in shadow. 

Hard-earned discernment 
has revealed that so little 
in life is definitively 
This way or That way.

Color has drained 
from the land;
the bright hues of yesterday 
forever faded and grey. 

Ask yourself this question: 
When were you not younger than you are now?

(Photograph by Alfred Cheney Johnston
lower right painting: "Love" by Leonid Afremov)

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"If we'd known then what Youth meant, 
and how fleeting it is, 
would we have done more with it, 
or feared its demise all the sooner?"

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Unknown said...

This is hauntingly beautiful.