When They Say....

XXXI Days of Poetry  (MMXII) - Day IV

When they say he's "quirky" what they really mean is "weird"
The same with "eccentric" (also to be feared)

When they say "literally" they really mean "a lot"
(When women say "it's fine" they really mean "it's not")

When they say "How are you?" they really mean "Hello"
When they say, "um, maybe" what they really mean is "No"

When she says "I don't care if he's poor or he's rich"
What she means is "I don't want to seem like a bitch"

When he says "I didn't notice your hot friend"
What he means is "I've precisely calculated how far she'll bend"

When she says "I've never done this before"
It's like when he says "I don't think you're a whore"

When he says "I'll call you" what he really means is text
When he says "You're gorgeous" What he means is "So....sex?"

When she says "Forever, I will always be true"
She means "That is, till I find someone new"

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