The way lovers do

Day XX
(XXXI Days of Poetry, MMXII)

As lovers do

I fell in love with her a full two seconds before I ever saw her face. 
Yes, I am actually telling you that the experience of seeing her for the first time was so profound that it knocked me back in time, if only briefly. 
It was that powerful. 
She was that perfect. 
She said her name - we'd been told someone would be coming by to show us around the new house, so her appearance was not unexpected - but I never heard it, or anything else she said. 
Numb, unable to breathe, it was all I could do to hold back tears, for I knew instantly and without a moment's doubt that the only woman I would ever truly love had just walked into my life, and I would never get to have her, hold her, or hear her call my name the way lovers do.

[Note, last year, for a writing contest, I ended up exploring very VERY short stories. I planned to post them all and then this year happened, and anyway, it hasn't happened yet. Anyway, I get an email every now and again from some guy promoting six-sentence stories. I thought that seemed like an interesting story structure, so I tried it. I liked the idea of almost wasting my middle two sentences, which would really only matter to someone who knew the structure. I realized that with a few tweaks it was essentially poetry (or maybe I'm just desperate to get my 31 days done), so voila. -H]

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