Come Undone

The Thirty-One Days of Poetry (2013 Edition)

Day - the Thirteenth

Come Undone

I dream of a time when you cast your fears aside and let me call you, 
talk to you, tempt you and take you, like you so deserve to be taken. 
I have dreamed of your voice, and I thought "we need to speak soon. 
the sound of my voice will calm her." I dream of having my words slip 
into your ear, run down your spine, and spread out over your body like 
warm honey. I dream of My words being the words, the sounds, that take 
you over the edge, hearing it echoed back, and knowing that I helped. 
Even if that was as far as it ever went, it seemed like a heaven to aspire.

Allow my words to flow into you, to seep deep into your body and settle 
into your bones. Let these words ignite your blood with magic and set it 
ablaze as it courses through your veins. Give in finally, to the bloodmagic.

Hear my voice and come undone.

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