One Breath At A Time

The Thirty-One Days of Poetry (2013 Edition)

Day - the Fourteenth

One Breath At A Time

How many wishes doth life offer?
Threescore and ten, and maybe another. 
Or perhaps (and sorry to say), the answer is none. 

Could be wishes are just another breath taken. 
Not to feed lungs air, but to fuel hearts' desire.
To breathe hope, inextinguishable, into souls. 

Or maybe wishes are real, the magic of stardust, 
the firmament, the unseen weave the binds the universe 
together into one cloak that flutters gently with the breath 
of the cosmos, the gods themselves. So wish - wish you may, 
wish you might, wish you must - to fill the lungs of all creation. 

You are not a wide-eyed starry dreamer, but a vital part of the 
body, and soul, of Everything. Wish then, and save the world, 
or perhaps just save yourself. One breath at a time. 

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Marg Marshall said...

I like this one, and the art is beautiful

Hyperion said...

Thank you