Please remember the day

The Thirty-One Days of Poetry (2013 Edition)

Days - the Ninth and Tenth

Please Remember the Day

Please remember the day you broke my heart. 

I keep looking over to my left, 
expecting to see you next to me, 
and have that twinge of sorrow 
when I realize you're not there.

You forgot the pet names I called you, 
the silly little endearments that 
meant something to us, no one else. 
You forgot the dreams I had, the Big Ideas, 
or maybe they just were not important enough 
to pay attention to, as your mind wandered, 
and your longing drifted to another, 
or at least something other….than me. 
Than us. 

Please remember the day you broke my heart. 


You said you would always be there for me. 
You lied. 
You said our love would last forever. 
It died. 
My shame is overwhelming, the loss to
My pride. 
I want to run away from everything. 
And hide. 
But nothing I can do, but take it and

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