Send Down The Dark

The Thirty-One Days of Poetry (Two Thousand and Thirteen Edition)

Day - the First

Send Down The Dark

Choice is a rabbit hole;
Fate is the nighttime desert sky.
One is labyrinth, dark, unknowable;
The other: vast calm, a sea of heaven’s light.

Send down the Dark
I am ready for silence
Long have I withered in celestial light
Cloak me and keep my heart
From more violence
I want no more shadow
But soft velvet night

Soft velvet night
Aflutter in the breeze
Tendrils of the darkness
Flow among the trees

Breathe in the air
And look upon the sky
This is what will happen
On the day you die

Grant respite, gods of Light, lords of Darkness.
Be you foe or be you same.
I can no longer take the ceaseless struggle,
The unending back, and forth,
And back,
And forth,
Of a war waged -
To these eyes - pointless, piteous, even pretend.
I do not know the origin story of your conflict.
Nor - forgive the impudence - do I care.
The time for peace is at hand.
Come together.
Right now.
Over me.
Over everyone.
Beat swords into plowshares.
Turn Roy G. Biv to By Vigor.
Wash us all in shades of grey,
Night and day,
Now and forevermore.

Around the Sun
Our rabbit run
The race is done
The Darkness vast

Our tale is spun
A victor - none
The ending un-

‘Til Future past

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Ltrain said...

This is exceptional. Poetry may be first among your talents.