So, she did

The Thirty-One Days of Poetry (2013 Edition)

Day - the Eighth

So, she did

Every last accusation against Annie was a lie. 
She did not flirt sluttishly like some sex-crazed 
whore trying to steal other women's husbands. 
Jiminy Christmas: Annie wore skirts six inches 
below her knee! Annie HAD lost a bunch of 
weight, and tanned. She looked great, and man! 
Fellows took notice; wives felt threatened. 
Annie was innocent, which didn't stop the 
cunty coven's crushing cruelty. Annie decided 
to help those poor women no longer be liars. 
So, she did.

[Background Explanation: I entered a short-story contest with the criteria that it had to be EXACTLY 78 words. (Don't ask.) I thought with some editing I could make it poem-esque, and I liked the arbitrary structure of having to hit 78 words on the nose. Maybe it cost me some flow here or there, forced me to change that perfect word, etc., but I think it also imposes its own cohesion and center. Or maybe I'm just tired. :) My friend Lisa and I tried practice 78 word stories awhile ago and I posted them on After Dark Tales. You can read them here. Hope you're enjoying the 31 Days of poetry. Come back tomorrow! -H]

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Maybe someone will unfairly accuse me of seducing Condoleezza Rice


Anonymous said...

Condoleezza Rice has a great laugh...

Hyperion said...

Oh you're just so clever!

Anonymous said...

I am, aren't I? And she does have a great laugh and maybe a great ass too... ;-)

Hyperion said...

That's pretty much all a woman needs to be successful. (Brains and Breasts are great too, and it wouldn't hurt if she made me a sandwich now and again, but a giggle and a swiggle will take a girl far.)