On The Other Side Of Windswept Dreaming

The Thirty-One Days of Poetry (2013 Edition)

Day - the Sixteenth

On The Other Side Of Windswept Dreaming

On the other side of windswept dreaming
Hope to face the chaos streaming
Knowing cowardice still daunting, 
Stalks the future, ever taunting
Swallow fear and shrug off sorrow 
More to pour down on the morrow
This is destiny no longer
Fate and spite are growing stronger
Struggle still to fight the current
Desperate not to stay obscurant
Fame and glory flow elusive
Winner's story not conducive
Gather ye around the breaking
Autumn's fire for the taking
Left is only the surrender
Silence soft and darkness tender
It will have to be all right
Bow your head and say good night

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